WordPress Security

According to Wpforms.com, the average website is under attack at least 44 times per day. We at Ameka have experience up to 20,000 brute force attacks in one day. While designing a visually beautiful website, what goes on in the background is of equal if not greater importance. WordPress is an easy way for novice users to create amazing websites, blogs, and apps, but what most forget is security. Our Top Five Security Plugins for WordPress are:

1) WordFence

This powerful security plugin helps website owners to protect their sites against unauthorized intrusion. The free version offers an impressive collection of functionality like two-factor authentication, XML-RPC Protection, and Login Page CAPTCHA. Wordfence Protection allows you to see Live Traffic, Login Attempts, as well as threats blocks.

Security Features:
  • Great for small websites.
  • Contains a full firewall suite with tools for country blocking, manual blocking, brute force protection, real-time threat defense, and a web application firewall.
  • The scan portion of the plugin fights off malware, real-time threats, and spam. It scans all your files for malware, not just WordPress files.
  • The plugin monitors live traffic by viewing things like Google crawl activity, logins and logouts, and human vs bot visitors. You gain access to some unique tools like the option to sign in with your cell phone and password auditing.
  • The comment spam filter removes the need to install a separate plugin for this.
  • It monitors your plugins and lets you know if they have been removed from the WordPress plugin repository (usually due to being unsafe or being hacked) are no longer being updated and have been abandoned.

2) All in One WordPress Security and Firewall

Security Features:

3) WP Cerber Security

Security Features:

4) Sucuri

Security Features:

5) Jetpack Security

Security Features:

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